7 Best Kitchen Vastu Tips for Your Home

Date : 10-October,2019|Read: 5 mins

A Kitchen can be called as the part of the house that provides energy to the household. Carefully choosing the colors, appliances, utensils, etc., according to these kitchen Vastu tips will amplify its positivity. The health and prosperity of the family members depend on the kitchen which is why it is important to attract positive energy and drive away all forms of negative energy. Attracting can be easily achieved through Vastu. All it takes is a little effort and by following a few Vastu tips for Kitchens. The doors, windows, gadgets, refrigerator, gas stove and even the sink should be placed in accordance with Vastu which will ensure that good energy prevails.

Here is a brief guide on how you can create a Vastu friendly kitchen while maintaining the decor of the house.

1. Kitchen wall colours

Opt for vibrant colours like yellow, pink, chocolate brown, red, green or orange to paint the walls of the kitchen. Avoid painting your kitchen black. Black and Brown are not the ideal kitchen paint colours.

2.Kitchen direction as per vastu to place the gas stove

The south-east corner of the kitchen is the perfect spot to place the gas stove. Agni,the Lord of Fire , will support the fire element in the kitchen. Always place the gas stove towards the east, so that you can cook facing towards the east direction. The person who cooks the food should not face towards the west, which can lead to serious health disorders. The gas stove should never be placed in the south direction, as it will lead to major financial issues. Kitchen Vastu says that there should never be a closet or shelf right above the gas stove as this is the place for the chimney.


Refrigerators should be placed in west, south, north or southeast directions. According to the Vastu tips for kitchen, never place your refrigerator in the northeast direction. Keep it a foot away from the corner if a suitable position has been found in the southwest direction.

4.Exhaust Fans and Windows

Vastu recommends that the kitchen should have at least one or two windows. They can be large or small but ideally should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen.

The ventilators should always be in the southwest direction. Windows should open towards the outside. A good ventilated kitchen favours Vastu principles in a better way.

5.Storage space

Creating storage space in the kitchen is necessary. It should blend with the design of the kitchen as well as the Vastu Tips for Kitchen. Organized storage space with cabinets & containers to store food grains, spices and utensils are some of the essential factors in the kitchen as per Vastu. The cabinets should be in the southern and western walls of the kitchen. Avoid using the north and east walls for this purpose.

6.Wash basin

Wash basins, washing machine, pipes, and the drain should be in the northern or northeast direction of the house. An overhead tank should never be placed in the same direction and should ideally be placed in the western part. If a balance is maintained between the fire and water elements, there will be a manifestation of wealth and health, as per Kitchen Vastu.

7.Electrical Appliances

A modern kitchen is incomplete without modern appliances like Ovens, Grinders, Heaters, etc. Since these appliances are associated with the fire elements related to light and fire, they should be placed either in the south or southeast direction according to the Vastu tips for Kitchens. Avoid the northeast direction of the kitchen.

Do's and Dont's in the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

  • The stove is a symbol of wealth and should not be placed under the overhead beam to avoid high energy pressure from the top.
  • Avoid eating from outside and cook frequently at home. Kitchen Vastu says that cooking at home increases longevity.
  • Do not place medicines in the kitchen which will increase your intake every year and make you sick.
  • Do not place old newspapers underneath the kitchen crockery or utensils. It is considered as attracting negative energy and creating a stagnant atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • Chipped plates attract negative energy which is why it is not advisable to eat from them. Throw them away immediately once they are chipped or broken.
  • It is recommended to place Holy Basil or other vastu plants like medicinal plants in the kitchen window area to attract and manifest positive energy.
  • Avoid keeping thorny plants in this area as this will give rise to tensions and worries.
  • Do not clutter the sink area and ensure that the sink is sparkling and unblocked to manifest vibrational energy.
  • Garbage cans easily create bad vastu if placed in the northeast location of the kitchen. Always use garbage cans with lids, because kitchen vastu prohibits keeping waste cans exposed.

By following these Vastu tips for Kitchen, positive energy can easily be brought not just to your homes but your lives as well.

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